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Sorter’s five-year celebration and get-together of Mid-Autumn Festival and National day party was held successfully

2013/6/11      view:

    On September 30th, Sorter’s five-year celebration get-together of Mid-Autumn Festival and National day party whose theme is “Overcoming difficulty together and harmony and all winners” was held in the Baoding BaiShiKaiLi exhibition center ceremoniously. Sorter’ staff, their families and some partners got together happily to celebrate the fifth birthday of Sorter.
    This celebration was taken in charge of Hanmu vice president. All the participants watched the powerpoints of sorter about what happened and how we made an effort to do better in the past five years recalling the process of Sorter’s growth. Vice president made a speech of “overcoming difficulty and being successful together”, and he analyzed the serious economic situation and announced the development plan in the five years. He hoped that all the staff would be united and hardworking, pay attention to the product quality and innovation carefully, and make contributions to the development of Sorter. The speech of him encouraged all the staff immensely and made them very pride. They said that they would make great efforts to finish the task and develop with the company together. During the meeting, the excellent staff and their families got the certificates of “Excellent Staff” and “Best partners”.
    They celebrated the fifth birthday of Sorter very happily and they danced and sang to enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival. A series of programs were performed successfully including wonderful songs, humorous cross talks, and sagacious skits which were designed by themselves. Their happy laugher and applauses made this party enter the high tide.
    During National Day, Sorter organized the some staff representatives to watch the flag-raising ceremony, and visited the summer palace and the fragrant Hill, etc.